Social Enterprise support

The aim of this project is to help three pilot social enterprises or producer co-ops to collaborate with private sector or other supply chains, beyond the current remit of the enterprise. This could include, for example, help them to develop:

  • new trading connections with retail, catering, food processing or wholesale businesses
  • new supply opportunities with public sector caterers
  • skill share collaboration with private sector businesses (for example you might offer them corporate away days and a supply of food to their canteen, whilst they might offer technical or consultancy support, access to supply chain infrastructure or finance etc)
  • links with schools or colleges (you might offer education about your enterprise, whilst they might open up new marketing channels for you)
  • collaboration with other businesses locally on marketing and distribution


September 2103:

  • Cwm Harry’s ‘Cultivate’ food hub is on board as a project partner. The SSC team will be assisting with exploring software systems for hub management, and helping with a marketing strategy

August 2013:

  • Riverside Market Garden (RMG), a community owned horticulture project, is on board as a project partner.
  • A meeting with Chapter Arts Centre has led to a quadrupling of veg orders from RMG
  • Meetings have also been held to discuss supply opportunities from RMG with Park Plaza hotel and Cardiff University Catering, both of whom will shortly visit the site to plan ahead for production to meet their specific needs. This could lead to a significant plan for new field scale veg production in 2014
  • The SSC team is now working on identifying two more partners, ideally one in the meat sector (meeting set with Cambrian Mountains Lamb) and one in dairy or another sector